About Sarah:

Sarah Calsworth came into the online trance scene in early 2004, with two DJ mixes — one for Trancesphere Radio’s Rising Stars series, and another liveset for TranceAirWaves.

In eleven years she has released over 50 mixes, and still occasionally releases new sets online.

About this site:

Somewhere between 2006 and 2009, I realized there were fewer and fewer places online for new fans to find her older mixes. With her blessing I made a site back then to host and share her music.

Now there is almost no mention of her music online. Most of the websites that used to host her mixes are long since forgotten by Google, have morphed into new endeavors, or both.

This site is round two — as a huge fan, I want to share her music with anyone who wants to discover some skillfully-mixed trance, progressive, and even a bit of DNB.


If you want all tracks on your device as soon as they’re posted, copy this link into your podcast app: https://sarahc.eisb.ca/feed/


Either leave a comment or email ohheyihavethisthingtosayaboutthewebsite ăţ sarahc.eisb.ca.

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